Semen, Unusual and Surprising Benefits For Women.

Sperm contains a very high percentage of calories. Rich in vitamins and minerals that give shine to hair and skin.


Many results have shown that semen has an effect on fertility, immunity, libido (sexual desire), eating, and sleep for women which it activates a variety of genes. Scientists at the University of East Anglia – UEA have studied that there is only one protein found in semen that generates a wide range of responses in much female genetics, Professor Tracey Chapman of Biological Sciences in the UEA, said that sperm protein have a noticeable effect on females fertility, immunity, sleep process, and water balance, which also has a direct effect on the reproductive system of females.


Women love to drink semen, especially women who do truly love and adore their husbands, drinking semen is also useful but it doesn’t have the same benefit as when it comes down in the womb.
When she drinks semen, the wife benefits only from proteins and vitamins but will not achieve nerves calm and psychological comfort.
The study showed that women who regularly swallow semen have lower rates of ovarian cancer and plus, it reduces depression and acne symptoms

Where is the semen coming from?

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