9 Pineapple Health Benefits We’re Sure You Ignore

Pineapples are a popular tropical fruit from Brazil, The Philippines, and Costa Rica but they’re best known to come from Hawaii.

Pineapple Health Benefits
Source: Pixabay.com

So you can get them all year round. If you enjoy pineapple and pineapples juice, here’s a list of few health benefits of drinking pineapple juice.

Nutritional Value:

Packed with vitamins and Minerals, contains Vitamin C and B, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Manganese. Pineapples are low in calories, boost the immune system. Vitamin B boosts metabolic activities of the body and Potassium prevents muscle cramps.


Keeps Teeth and Gum Healthy:

Vitamin C in pineapples keeps teeth healthy and strong also strengthens gum, prevents plaque formation by reducing the activities of bacteria.


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