Heroin Land : America is the Land of Addiction and Drugs

Heroin? Opioid? America is the Land of Addiction and Drugs.

Heroin Land America is the Land of Addiction and Drugs
Source: wikimedia.org

After the latest statistics revealed from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The World Socialist Web Site in a report (last Friday) said that nearly 13.000 people have died after overdoses of Heroin in 2015, an increase of 428% of deaths that was announced in 2010, wich is was recorded as the largest proportion of overdoses of all types of drugs since 1999.
The epidemic of drugs (Heroin, Opioid) that has ravaged all ages and races, where the rate of those taking overdoses for the age group 55-64-year-old has increased which are approximately five-fold, while the age group 45-54 recorded the highest rate of drug overdoses in general. White people took ranked the first in mortality rate after overdoses more than any other race, which is more than double the mortality rate alongside blacks and Latinos, then mortality rate following the overdose of whites was less than blacks in 1999, and is now more than three-fold at that moment.

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