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    insomnia symptomes treatments

    What Is Insomnia? Symptoms and Treatments?

    What is Insomnia? How to get rid of? Insomnia in itself is not a disease, but it still a step to several health problems, it is defined as a lack of access to a comfortable sleep, the inability to sleep enough and get the rest your body needs, which affects the activity and performance of […]

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    Hair Ginger Treatment

    Uses of Ginger for Hair Treatment

    Ginger Hair Shampoo is considered from the most distinctive ways that help in getting rid of the scalp drought and embrittlement Women love to take care of their appearance (as part of their femininity) and the first thing they observe in the morning in front of the mirror after eyebrows is their hair. Ginger is […]

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  • The Most Unusual Health Benefits of Whiskey

    Science agrees that drinking Whiskey more than a moderate level could cancel any benefits of.     There are some Harvard University researches showed that drinking alcohol in moderation is beneficial to heart health, while the researchers pointed out that beer contains a high content of antioxidants. Also, there is other research says that Whiskey […]